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Kylee Reese So Kylee generally gets her way, and calculating men will do whatever it takes to give that to her. Kylee Reese Knowing that Kylee participates in the forbidden rites of cuckoldry may be a little more than we can handle. Kylee Reese Actually, thats not our saying but Kylee Reeses. Being a good looking dame with a body to match.. Kylee Reese Kylee also thinks its quite humorous when one man will suck anothers balls to gain her favor. Kylee Reese Kylee learned long ago that she could make up any maxims, any rules of society she damned well pleased.. Kylee Reese Take a good look at Kylee Reese. Youd probably do anything for her once she started batting those eyes. Kylee Reese Seeing the sexy Kylee Reese strip naked is one of natures great bounties. Kylee Reese Hot looking broad, right? You could do anything for her, right? We wouldnt. But thats us. Kylee Reese Disturbing thoughts as this must be cast from the mind. Well never have it any better as we do now.. Kylee Reese This is a more complicated issue.. Our explanation is perhaps less scholarly but maybe right on point. Kylee Reese Historically, men have had their nuts cut off for a variety of reasons. Kylee Reese You can lead a dog to water, but you cant make a young horse do tricks in an old barn is the way the saying goe Kylee Reese In fact, shes in the process right now of making up another old saying about that. Kylee Reese But why a man behaves as though hes had his nuts disenfranchised while they remain physically intact.. Kylee Reese That men, being generally dumb and stupid and guided by the flow of blood to their cocks, would abide by them. Kylee Reese As you might imagine, this develops into some interesting and perverse scenarios involving manhood.. Kylee Reese Why he will suck another mans cock probably goes beyond reasons a psychological mastermind can fathom. Kylee Reese Maybe youd even suck some cock and lick another mans balls if the moment was right and the stars were in alignm Kylee Reese Forget the guy angle for the moment and just concentrate on Kylees perfect butthole.. Kylee Reese Called orchiectomy or gelding, it might have to do with transgender issues, curbing sexual addictions.. Kylee Reese deep seated spiritual beliefs or maybe just the desire to be a soprano in a street corner Doo Wop group.. Kylee Reese Pretty women with great bodies serving as a means to remind us of our failures, inadequacies.. Kylee Reese Imagining our tongues quenching the soles of her pretty feet is even a bigger thrill to dwell upon. Kylee Reese Realizing that in a million years your dick will never occupy residence in real estate as prime as that.

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